10 Benefits of Reading

We always encourage our children to read more but why?
What are the benefits of reading?
Here are a few examples of how reading can be beneficial and have a positive impact on our lives.

Finding a book that interests the kids can keep them lost in the imaginary world for ages.

Exercise your brain
Did you know that reading has been scientifically proven to strengthen certain parts of your brain?
One study tracked the brains of people as they read a novel and how their brains reacted afterwards.
In the most basic of summarisations, brain connectivity increased!
I’ve included a link to the study if you would like to have a proper look.

Improve memory
When you read a book you have to remember all sorts of things about the characters, their history, background, subplots etc.
Reading can strengthen your memory skills!

Gain knowledge and info
Fill your head with little bits of information, you never know when it might come in handy!

Increase your ability to empathise with others
Whilst just reading one book isn’t going to make a massive difference, some research has shown that people who read fiction on a regular basis have better developed skills for building and maintaining relationships.
The idea is that, the more you read about characters, the more you will be able to understand the feelings and beliefs of others.

Improve concentration and  focus
When you read a book your sole focus is the book and the story.
This is so important in this day and age when we are often distracted and doing several things at once!

Builds good communication skills as books can be a great topic of conversation.

Enriches language and vocab
This one is pretty straightforward, the more you read, the more likely you are to be exposed to a wider range of vocabulary and learn how to use these new words in context.
This in turn can help to imrove written skills.

Pose questions and stimulate further reflection
This also goes hand in hand with improving your analytical skills. Have you ever been halfway through a good book and guessed at the ending before reading it?
You’ve used all the information given and critically analysed it to come up with the solution!

Develop creativity

So now if your child questions why they should read before bedtime, you can rattle off 10 benefits of reading 😉
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