DIY Soap : Hidden Toy Soap

Today I would like to share with you a craft.

DIY Soap : Hidden Toy Soap

We’ve all learnt the importance of handwashing over these last few months, but do your little ones still fight against it?
Are they still huffing and puffing everytime you remind them?
I have the answer!

This is a fun craft activity that will encourage your little ones to wash their hands and rescue the toy!

To make DIY Soap you will need

– Square silicon mould
– Small plastic toys (that fit into the mould)
– 1kg clear melt and pour soap (you can get this on amazon for around 10euros)
– Essential oils (your favourite smell)
– Glitter
DIY soap fun craft for kids

What to do

1. Cut the soap block into smallish chunks and melt in the microwave in batches. Try it in 20 second intervals.
2. Mix in your essential oils and glitter.
3. Pour the melted mixture into the mould filling them half way. Pop the toy into the soap. Remember that the bottom of the soap will actually be the top of the soap once it’s hardened. Fill the remainder of the mould up and tap the mould to release any air bubbles and remove any froth from the top. Add a bit more glitter to finish.

4. Leave the soap to set before removing from the mould.

Et voila!
DIY Soap complete with a hidden toy!

This crafts is originally from Little Button Diaries.
I’d like to point out that they have published their own activity and craft books which are available through their website. Be sure to check the, out as they would make the perfect gift for youngsters!

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