Petit Ours Brun LIVE!!

The Petit Ours Brun is LIVE in Paris!
If you don’t know Petit Ours Brun where have you been? He is a classic in France. I don’t believe I have stepped foot inside a French household (with children of course) where at least one of the Petit Ours Brun story books have been sitting on the bed side table or sat on the bookshelf.
The children will love to see their favourite story character come to life in front of their eyes. Imagine the look on their little faces when they see the Petit Ours Brun and his family right in front of them!
The show is full of songs and dances to keep your little ones entertained.
A really wonderful show for the family to visit.
Find out more about the show on their website –
Petit Our Brun Live Spectacle