Flash! Invaders in Paris.

flash invaders

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all doing particularly well on this gorgeous, sunny day.

Today I have a suggestion that will get the kids excited to get out and explore Paris for when your reasoning ‘FRESH AIR IS GOOD FOR YOU’ just doesn’t quite cut it.

flash invaders

Have you ever been wandering around the city and noticed these little guys??
I’d be surprised if you haven’t, in Paris there are 1375 of them scattered around the city! They are called Invaders.

With the FlashInvaders app you can turn wandering around the city into a hunting game. The app is free to download and you only need to input your email address to create an account!

flash invaders
Track down the mosaic Invaders and take a picture of them for your gallery. Each Invader snapped scores you points and the game allows you to compete against other players to see who can find the most!

Let us know in the comments below where you found your highest scoring one!

FlashInvaders app Paris

Good idea, right?

You can build off of this activity at home too.

Recreate the designs of the Invaders you found using stickers or cut up bits of paper like the guys over at GRE art room. This activity is great for getting their brains whirring, I remember having to recreate shapes this way in maths class. If they had used Space Invaders for the shapes I’d have been a whole lot more motivated..or even not realised I was doing maths at all!

You could also collage, use paint or build the Invaders with lego.

flash invaders

Who is the artist?
Well he is aptly named, Invader.

What does he look like?
No one knows! He has kept his identity a secret.

You can find out more about Invaders project and mission by visiting the official site 

Download the app for free from Google Play or the App Store.

I also just downloaded the app too (as if I needed any excuse to wander the city)
My username is EmilyRose, can you beat my score?

Speak soon!
Oh also, if you need some other ideas of places to go in Paris check out my Out & About section!

flash invaders