Le Loup LIVE on stage!

Everyone knows Le Loup right? He is one of the most popular characters in France.

He’s the star of his own TV show on TF1…

He’s had countless books written about his adventures…have a look at the P’tit Loup series with stories aimed at younger audiences.
You can find them in, quite literally, all book shops around France, on amazon and at FNAC.
The books, by Orianne Lallemand, are available individually, in box sets and can be found in sets with soft toys and with figurines.

le loup livre orianne lallemande      le loup livre orianne lallemande   p'tit loup livre p'tit loup livre

And now, Fan favourite, LE LOUP, is finally making his stage debut!

le loup spectacle palais des glaces

Le Loup, accompanied by all of his friends, is off on a great journey through the world of showbiz. There will be singing, playing, dancing and of course..many laughs!

The Wolf will be at Palais des Glaces in Paris from October to January so be sure not to miss it.
You can get tickets from the link below or by visiting FNAC Spectacles.


Qui a peur, qui a peur, qui a peur du loup ? Get in the mood for a show by playing this children’s favourite.
Warning : High possibility of this being stuck in your head.