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Karaoké Paris

The holidays are nearly here, I don’t know about you but I think they have come around super quickly!
It feels like just a week or two ago we were preparing for la rentrée

I thought I would offer up a more unuasual activity this time.

Karaoke Paris

Bam Karaoke Box is a fun activity for children (and parents…who are we trying to kid) in Paris.
It is inspired by the karaoke box from Asia, basically, you hire a private room for you, your children, your friends and you sing your little hearts out!
Sounds fun right?!

With their 10 child friendly rooms (sound proofed..thank goodness) the kids can play around and sing freely.
Rooms can be rented for 2 hours, or more if you like, and come in various sizes allowing you to book a room that accommodates between 6 and 20 people.
It all depends on how many friends you get to come along!

Karaoke Paris

The rooms themselves are spacious enough to show off your serious dancing skills but also have seating options.

They are kitted out with easy to use touch screens, allowing the kids to choose a playlist from over 15,000 songs!
They have pre-programmed playlists that are updated regularly or the kids can create their own playlist with their favourite songs.
Maximise your time by creating and saving your personalised playlist in advance, just head on over to their website

bam karaoke

Bam Karaoke can be found in Paris 2, 9 and 11 and have an easy online booking option.

Note : Bam Karaoke Box also offer party packages complete with cake, sweets and soft drinks. It could be a great birthday party idea for your little performer!

Bam says ‘Karaoke is an original and fun activity that develops for child self-confidence, memory skills, interpretation, sense of rhythm, and self-control.’

You can find their site by clicking here.

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bam karaoke