Museum of Illusions

Museum of illusions







The newly opened Museum of Illusions is a great, family friendly museum!
It is a fun, playful experience that you really shouldn’t miss.

Their motto is Trick your eye and entertain your mind!

Jump into a world where nothing is as it seems.
The museum of illusions offer a multisensory tour that is sure to baffle, confuse and delight children of all ages!

There are 70 illusions including holograms, puzzles and optical illusions that will ensure you have fun whilst you learn. Each illusion is accompanied by a scientific explanation that will teach you a lot about perception and vision. The whole idea is to show how and why our eyes perceive things that are incomprehensible to our brains.

museum of illusions

Musée de l’Illusion
98 Rue Saint-Denis

The museum is open everyday from 10am until 8pm.

Children under 5 go for free
Children 5 years old – 15 years old 12 euros
Adult 18 euros

Tickets can be bought directly at the museum or reserved online via the official site.

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Create your own optical illusions at home…

museum of illusions
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museum of illusions
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