Surviving 2 weeks at home…

2 weeks at home with the school, no park, no play a daunting prospect.
The idea of keeping the little ones entertained, keeping the house tidy and keeping your sanity seems like a tall order.
You are not alone!
Fortunately, I have seen many mums (via facebook parenting groups) rallying together to help with ideas for activities!
There are also many teachers, offering their support by providing work sheets and lesson plans to families in need.
Have a look on groups such as English Speaking Mums and Busy Toddlers and Beyond or search local parenting groups, activities for kids groups and teacher groups.

My best advice for getting through the next new weeks of no school and minimal leaving of the house, is to create a daily schedule.
Having some structure to the day will greatly improve productivity. Breaking the day down into smaller time blocks and designating these time slots to specific activities will make staying at home much more pleasant and fun!

I have seen several variations of this schedule already, it is flexible to suit your family.
Create your own, print it and stick it on the fridge!

Have a look at our other posts to give you more ideas of what to do during each time period.