Educational websites

I’ve been scouring the web for the most recommended educational websites.
Parents and teachers have been sharing their recommendations as it is important for the kids to continue their learning at home during this confinement
(or school holiday…depending when you are reading this) 

So, here you go, my top list of educational websites!
MaxiCours is a French site offering a complete service that supports school learning from CP to Terminale.
They offer courses in Science, History, Maths, English and Geography.

For the older kids that are interested in computers!

educational websites educational websites
Pawprint badges have free downloadable challenge packs. The packs have adaptions for kids aged between 3 and 18. There a lot of activities and ideas to make a themed day and get the children learning without necessarily realising it!

Log into khan academy and select your school grade in order to get level specific courses.
Choose a lesson, watch an explanation video, read the lesson review then test your knowledge.
I found this site to be easy to navigate and really comprehensive.

Educational videos covering a wide range of topics.
Each video has extra sections to encourage the kids to think further about what they have just watched.
I love National Geographic!
They have fun facts about animals, science, history and geography.

A great website that starts with the big bang, teaches about the solar system, moves on to explain evolution and finishes off with the modern revolution and the future through videos and articles. 

educational websites

educational websites


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educational websites