Get productive!

Day 3 of confinement.
How are we all feeling?

This enforced time at home is a good for a few things…
Getting those jobs done that we’ve been putting off and making excuses for not getting around to.
We all have them, no judgement here.

Wardrobe clear out

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Have you seen Mari Kondo on netflix?  If not, she is pure motivation for organising your home.
She suggests getting every single item of clothing (pants, socks, dresses, scarves, hats, belts…everything) and putting it in one big pile. The idea is to show you exactly how much stuff has been accumulated.
You then go through each item individually and decide
Does it fit?
No? Donate
Does it bring you joy? Do you feel good when you wear this item?
No? Donate
Yes? Keep
This can in face be turned into a fun activity with the kids.
Put on a fashion show.
Ask them to walk the runway in their coolest outfit, poshest outfit, silliest outfit, most mismatched outfit, way too small outfit. Let the kids choose the clothes. It could result in a lot of laughter!

Toy donations

toy clear out
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Get out all of the kids toys.
And I mean ALL of them.
Yes, even those old broken ones.
And the ones lurking at the back of the cupboard that haven’t been touched in forever.
And those little ones that have scooted under the bed unnoticed.
At the idea of donating these unplayed with toys, a miraculous thing will happen…the children will remember their love for them and spend the day playing with them just to prove you wrong.
This is a good thing as
1. The kiddos will be entertained playing with their old toys for an afternoon
2. ‘Look at this old game, we haven’t played it in so long I bet I could beat you at it now!’
‘Challenge accepted!’
No child likes to think that their parents can beat them, what follows is a competitive game of uno / chess / scrabble
3. They may rediscover old games that they had forgotten about but actually really enjoyed
4. ‘We should play this game to check we have all of the pieces’ (also works with puzzles if you want some quiet time)
5. You will be able to separate the broken, uninteresting, too young for them games that you can get rid of

Deep clean the apartment

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Pick a different room each day to focus on.
The guys over at have some great tips and tricks to get the kids involved in cleaning and tidying up. Here are some of my personal favourites…
Break up the task. Give them specific instructions so that they are not overwhelmed, for example ‘start by putting away anything with red on it, now anything that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand’
Just add bubbles. Adding bubbles will distract them from the idea that they are doing a chore.
Figure out which jobs they like and use it to your advantage! The kids love playing with water? Set them up with cleaning the bathtub / the dishes. They like the fluffy duster? Put on some fun music and let them have at it.
Hide and seek. So, technically this one could be considered bribery but desperate times and all. Hide a few coins around the house, 1 euro at the bottom of the wash basket for example or 50cents in the cupboard where the DVDS that are on the floor should be put away, give the kids a list of jobs. Tell them if they do it properly they will find the money.