KitKat Recipe

kitkat recipe

Our treat for today is a recipe for a home made KitKat.
Because during these trying times, we all need a break 😉

kitkat recipe

This kitkat recipe is great because it is SO simple to make, is deliciously crunchy and satisfies the sweet tooth cravings without putting a bucket load of sugar, additives or preservatives into your body.

It is no bake and you use just 5 ingredients!

KitKat Ingredients

0.5 cups of Maple Syrup. You could substitute this for agave syrup, rice syrup or honey. Armen over at Big Man’s World reckons that honey can be a little over powering though.

0.25 cups of Coconut oil. Butter also works.

1.5 cups of Chocolate. Chips or a bar chopped into small pieces. Milk or dark, whichever you prefer.

1 cup of Peanut butter. Any nut butter works here and could be substituted though.

3 cups of Cereal. Ideally you want to use something like Golden Grahams, but honestly any dry and crispy cereal is fine.


  • Line a deep baking dish with baking paper and set aside
  • Pop your cereal into a large mixing bowl and set aside
  • Melt all of your other ingredients together either in the microwave or over a low heat. Make sure you stir it well so they are well incorporated.
  • Pour your wet mixture over the cereal and mix so that the cereal is all well coated
  • Pour everything into the lined baking tray and leave it to set in the fridge (minimum 1hour)
  • Remove from the dish, cut into squares and you are done!

Store in a tupperware in the fridge. OR if portion control is a bit of an issue in your household (as it is in mine) you can wrap each bar individually and freeze it for up to 6 months.

If you liked this recipe, be sure to check out the full website of The Big Man’s World.
They post loads of great, easy to make, ‘healthier options’ desserts.

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