Museums and Galeries..Online!

Google Arts and Culture has partnered with more than 2500 museums and galeries around the world to offer virtual tours and online displays of their collections!
You can screen share this over skype and it would be like you are visiting the museum together.

Visit the Musée D’Orsay in Paris, head to the Moma in New York or explore the Acropolis Museum in Athens! 

museums galeries online


Why not turn this into a project for the kids, make it interactive rather than having them just scroll through pictures.

ick a museum.
Lets say for example the Acropolis Museum.
Visit the virtual museum, you’ll find that most of the pieces are sculptures, so have a competition.
Pick a piece of art.
Give the kids some play doh and a one minute time frame.
See who can best recreate the sculpture!

You could also read up on some greek mythology.
There are some brilliant stories to be told!

Explore the works of Picasso.
Do self portraits or portraits of each other in his crazy, cubic style. 

Woman in Hat and Fur Collar

Have a look at the works of Van Gogh and attempt to do a painting in the same style.
He uses lots of short brush strokes to create texture and pattern.

The Starry Night

Choose a different museum or artist.
Ask the kids to look through the collections and find their favourite painting / sculpture.

Ask them about why they liked that piece the most.
What drew them to it?
This could also be a writing exercise.

Do your kids particularly like photography?
Give them a digital camera and tell them to get creative around the house.
Invite them to group various objects together and work with angles.
Use filters to make the pictures black and white or blur the lines.
Have fun with it! 

Check out Underground Paris – Street Art.
Cut out pictures of buildings from old newspapers. Get the kids to paint or design their own graffiti!