Brioche Recipe

l'atelier de Roxanne

This Brioche Recipe is from L’atelier de Roxanne
Little note, I love her. I have both of her recipe books (desserts and sweet treats)
The books are in French but I appreciate that the instructions are super easy to follow!
The layout of the book is beautiful, the photos are gorgeous and every single recipe I’ve tried has turned out ridiculously yummy.
Scroll all the way down to have a look at pages taken from the book…you will see what I mean.

Follow this video tutorial (French) or scroll down for a typed, english version of the brioche recipe.


250g flour

25g icing sugar

3 eggs

1 yolk (for glazing)

100g soft butter

10g levure de boulanger (bakers yeast)

How to..

Using a machine if you have it, mix the sugar, flour, salt and eggs.
Add the levure and continue to mix.
With a robot leave it to mix for about 6 minutes, if you are using your hands this will take a bit longer! Keep going! It’s a mini work out 😉

Add the butter in stages and mix on a low setting.

Cover the bowl with a teatowel or clingfilm and leave for 1h30 at room temperature.

Take out the dough and give it a little knead.
Separate the dough into 8 equal sized balls.

Butter your baking dish and place the balls inside
Cover with a tea towel again and leave for 1 more hour

Heat the oven to 180 degrees 

Beat the egg yolk and glaze the top of the balls

Sprinkle some big sugar crystals on top and bake for 25 mins.
And there you have it. Delicious, soft, buttery brioche. 


L’atelier de Roxane : Recipe Book

Roxane’s latest cookbook ‘Recettes en Famille’ can be ordered directly from her website.
In March there are no shipping fees…oh and if your order from her site the book is signed by Roxanne!
It’s a wonderful gift for those budding little dessert chefs.
l'atelier de Roxannel'atelier de roxannel'atelier de roxanne

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brioche recipe