Learn a new skill

Confinement has been extended by 2 weeks so why not use this time to do a little something for ourselves and try something new or learn a new skill.

Why don’t you try a new recipe?
You know, one of those ones that you’ve never had time to cook before.
There is an Italian Michelin Starred chef, by the name of Massimo Bottura, who is posting free cooking lessons to his instagram account in a series his family have aptly named ‘kitchen quarantine’!
He’s dynamic and fun, I could actually watch him all the time.
Just in case you are questioning his credentials…Massimo’s restaurant has 3 Michelin stars. Yes. 3. And it has consistently been ranked one of the top 5 restaurants in the world.
Instagram : @massimobottura
Everyday at 8pm

Learn a new language (or 3) with AlbertLearning.
I used to use this website for my French so can personally attest to it’s convenience.
You pay a monthly subscription fee of 50euros (you can cancel at any time) and this gives you unlimited private lessons with an instructor via skype.
Each lesson lasts 30 minutes and you can either pick a topic yourself or use one of their lesson plans.
It’s very quick and easy to reserve a time slot as they provide a time table with the teachers that are available at each 30 minute interval.
You just click and go!

Take an online course that interests you.
There are loads of free or discounted courses at the moment.
Pick a subject that interests you, whether it be photo editing, art history, astrology or sport nutrition.
Here are some course providers I found from a really quick search online
Future Learn
Open Classroom

Embark on a musical challenge.
Have you got a musical intrument laying about the house?
Something that belongs to your partner, room mate or children?
Pick it up, find a youtube tutorial (there are thousands) and give learning a go!

None of these tickle your fancy?
That’s okay, the team over at Develop Good Habits have made a list of 101 skills that you could learn at home.
They have even included links for each suggestion to get you started.
Here are a few of my favourites…
– Speed Reading
– Basic Self Defense
– First Aid
– Building self confidence
– How to spend, save and invest your money
– The art of negotiating

Stay home.
Don’t get bored.
Learn something new.