Spelling Practice

Getting the kids to practice spelling can be a struggle. Sometimes it’s a battle just to get them at the table.
Why? Practicing spelling is boring. The ‘Read, Cover, Write’ method is anyway.
Let’s try some techniques that are a bit different and definitely more fun and we may have some more luck!

Make a game
Use a dice to shake things up a bit. Don’t focus on the neatness, this is about getting the kids to have fun and practice at the same time.
If you roll
1 – write the word as BIG as you can
2 – write the word with your non dominant hand
3 – write the word with your eyes closed
4 – turn your paper around and write your word upside down
5 – write the word as small as possible
6 – write the word in your fanciest writing

Create your own word search
This is a great one. Print off or draw a grid.

spelling activities

Get the children to copy the spelling words in to a list.
Then fill in the grid.
This encourages the children to really pay attention to getting the correct spelling as without it the word search won’t work!
Whilst the kids are making one, you make one too (using the same words) then when you are done, switch word searches and complete each others!

Scrabble spelling
This is a fun idea from Childhood101. 
Use their spelling words to figure out the sum or turn it into a competition to see who can find the highest value words!


Other ideas
Honestly, anything that allows the kids to get a bit more creative is going to help.
You could
– type the words on the computer
– finger paint the words
– make them out of play doh
– use a whiteboard
– write them using the letter magnets on the fridge
– write silly sentences using the words (this often results in a lot of crazy, bizarre sentences and laughter)

Check out our other ‘child-approved’ Spelling Activities and get creative with your learning!
Or, read our ideas on writing prompts to help the kids get practicing.

spelling activities