All about Space

Today is all about Space.
I love a themed day.
A day where you take an idea and really run with it by making all arts, crafts, activities etc about that topic.
It can be anything that interests your that princesses, ninjas or in this case SPACE.

Recommended Reading

I love to get the kids interested by starting off with a good book.

For toddlers Hello; World! Solar System by Jill McDonald is a great option.  The book is written in clear and easy terms and has lots of bright illustrations.
Each page encourages the child to engage ‘Can you point to the red planet? That’s Mars!’

There’s No Place Like Space is also a great, introductory book. It has a little bit of information about each of the planets without overwhelming the kids with information and is in the typical fun, rhyming style!

Get creative

Start by making marbled planet art like the team over at iheartcraftythings.

space art

It’s a fun alternative to painting and has an awesome effect!
Use a nice, BIG bit of paper or card as this will serve as the background for further crafts.
To make this you basically cut 3 different sized circles (trace cups, bowls plates to make it perfectly round).
Next you take a a container that you don’t ming getting a bit dirty and having to potentially throw away.
Put shaving cream in the bottom and spread to make a nice even layer.
Pick the colours for your planets and squirt them in crazy swirls and patterns on top of the shaving foam.
Use a toothpick or fork to make lines going in all directions.
space art
Pop your round planet shape into the paint but press lightly guys!
Remove. Let dry. Stick to your background.
Repeat with different colours! 

Next, make a rocket to add to your space scene.
How you make this is personal preference.
You could create a cute collage inspired rocket like this one from Mrs Jacksons Art Room. 
Cut up bits of magazines, newspaper or use scrap paper that’s been laying around to make this colourful rocket.

space art
Or make this futuristic design from Painted Paper Art
She used tin foil in this design! (You should definitely make some time to look at her website, the crafts are SO lovely)

Next up, you should add some stars.  Another gem from the Gift of Curiosity is this super idea to print the constellations, give the kids some star stickers and have them copy the designs!

Don’t feel like making a giant picture? Why not turn this into a Space Book like this one from Powerful Mothering.
Dedicate each page to a different thing : planets, rocket, stars, sun, moon, aliens.
It is so cute!

None of these ideas going to do the trick for your little ones?
Check out this page by Gift Of Curiosity.
They have made a list of 50 awesome space activities including how to make 3D models of the planets, constellations and Mars Rover, DIY board games, crafts and more.

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