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drama games

Family Fun Time with drama games!!!

Thanks to Drama notebook, we have enough games and activities to keep us going all week long.
This site is aimed at Drama Teachers so you know the games are going to be age appropriate and fun!
Their 40 drama games are divided into 6 sections. Below you will find an example from each section, if this example isn’t for you, have a look at the website and have a read through the different activities. You should be able to find a game to appeal to you and your little one!

Warm Up

Boppity Bop Bop Bop
Stand in a circle.
One player stands in the center (the leader).
The leader points to a player in the circle and quickly says “Boppity Bop Bop Bop.”
The player he pointed to must say “Bop” before the leader finishes or that player is out.
The leader may also try to trick the players by just saying “Bop.”
If the player he pointed to repeats “Bop,” he is out because he’s only supposed to say “Bop” in response to “Boppity Bop Bop Bop.”
Once you have the basic game down, it’s time to add pictures.
The leader points to a player and calls out a picture instead of saying “Boppity Bop Bop Bop” and they have to act out the picture.
For example ‘Elephant’, the player must make an elephant trunk
‘ Movie star’ The player poses for the camera, waving and blowing kisses
‘Hula’ The player must perform a hula dance
Etc etc. You can come up with your own picture plays!

Ensemble Building

People to People
Everyone should be walking around the room slowly.
When the leader calls out “People to People!” players must immediately find one other person.
Next, the leader calls out two body parts such as “nose to knee.”
The players must connect one person’s nose to the other person’s knee.
Lastly, the leader calls out two more body parts such as “hand to shoulder.”
While keeping their first position (nose to knee) the players must connect one person’s hand to the other person’s shoulder.

Focus and Listening

Change 3 things
In pairs, players observe one another.
Say, “Notice everything you can about your partner. Look at her clothes, her hair, her eyes, really observe the other person.”
Next, ask all players to turn away from each other, back to back.
Tell players that each person must change three things about him/herself.
Players can remove jewelry, change their hair, take off shoes, etc.
Next, have the players turn back toward each other and take turns noticing what has changed.

Imagination and Creativity

Yes, And…
This classic improv game can be played in pairs or as a group in a circle.
Start by making a simple statement.
Every statement that follows must start ‘Yes, and…’
Every new statement should become more exaggerated and further the scene.
Always end on a high note, when something big or funny has happened!
Example of a conversation –
“The river is full of fish.” (opening statement)
“Yes, and one of them is enormous.”
“Yes, and he’s swimming toward us.”
“Yes, and he looks hungry.”
“Yes, and we are trapped in this boat.”
“Yes, and he looks more like a whale than a fish.”
“Yes, and now the motor won’t start.”
“Yes, and he’s about to swallow us.”
“Yes and I just remembered that this boat is also a plane.”
“Yes and lucky for you I just got my pilot’s license.”


Space Walk
Have everyone start walking around the room.
Then call out a different ‘space’ and have the players pretend that they are walking through that.
Example –
Pudding (pudding is thick so they would need to wade)
A boat in a storm
Frozen pond
The moon
Sticky toffee


Hot Seat
One player assumes the role of a character or a famous person while the audience players interrogate them.
The hot-seated actor must stay in character!
Note : This may be played as a way to make the history topic your kids are learning more fun. Use real historical characters where players have to give accurate answers! Otherwise, keep it light and fictitious where players may choose any type of character and improvise their answers.

Drama games are a great way to spark imagination and just have a great time as a family.
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drama games