Sock Bunny

sock bunny

I’m in love with these sock bunny crafts from Feeling Nifty.
Don’t worry, there is no sewing involved!

Each sock bunny is simple, adorable and made with items you will have around the home.

sock bunny

What you will need

Send the kids on a scavenger hunt to find to the following items

Socks (use the ones that don’t have pairs if you want to keep your sock supply )
Uncooked rice (around 1 cup per bunny)
Rubber bands
Black sharpie or marker pen
Pretty Ribbon (Optional)

How to

Stretch your sock over a tall glass. This makes it easier to pour the rice without spilling!
Pour the rice into the sock.
Take a rubber band and close the top.
Use another rubber band to separate the shape of the head from the body.
Finally make a little ball for the tail.
sock bunny craft





Now it’s time to make the ears. Cut the ears to desired length. Use the marker to outline the shape before cutting out.
Use the marker to draw on the eyes and nose.
Tie a pretty ribbon around your bunny’s neck and you’re done!
sock bunny craft sock bunny craft





Simple, no?

Make a little sock bunny family by using different quantities of rice to make bigger or smaller bunnies.
Use different coloured or patterned socks.
Use white socks and draw your own designs with pens.
Make bunnies with short ears that stick up or longer, floppy ears.
Use googly eyes, pompom noses or pipe cleaner whiskers.
Have fun with it!

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sock bunny