Themed Day – Circus Activities

Keep the kiddos busy and happy with a day full of circus activities!!

We’ve got loads of ideas for you including crafts, games and fancy dress!

Make paper plate clowns

Use any colourful materials you have laying around the house.
Get creative!

paper plate clown

paper plate clown
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Become clowns

Get the kids to dress up in the craziest, silliest most mismatching outfits they can find.
Or, you could ask the children to find an outfit for mum and dad!
Then practice some stunts!
Put some cushions or a mattress on the floor and practice falling, rolling and tumbling.
Try learning to juggle.
Learn to balance plates (plastic plates on chopsticks works a treat)

Practice jumping through flaming hoops!

Create a pair of stilts

This ‘how to’ from Ginger Snap Crafts is great! If you don’t have tins this size, don’t worry!
Use any empty cans you have.

Show off your new skills!
Choreograph and put on a show for mum & dad!

Watch a circus movie
The Greatest Showman is a crowd pleaser!

Find some more circus activities on our Pinterest board.

Did this keep the kiddos occupied?
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circus activities