Paint By Numbers

paint by numbers

Recently my brother gave my mum a personalised paint by numbers kit.
He uploaded an image of one of her favourite views to this website and they created a paint by numbers version of it!
After a quick google search I have found that paint by numbers is actually quite a popular activity for both children and adults.

It made me remember that as a kid I LOVED paint by numbers.

I liked that I was able to create an absolute masterpiece relatively easily.
Paint by numbers also helped me improve my technique. How I held and used a brush improved and painting this way also helped me to notice where light and shadow should be!

Also, what an awesome gift idea.
Why not pick an image that the grandparents would appreciate and have the kids paint it themselves?
Or tell the children to pick a painting to do for the living room.
There are so many options to choose from (still life, landscapes, portraits, animals, recreate famous paintings) there really is something for everyone.

paint by numbers paint by numbers

Okay, good idea right?
Pick your image.
You will receive a canvas with the image printed on it.
Lay it flat. You will see many little squiggly blobs containing a number.
Each number will correspond to a little paint pot.
You then simply paint the squiggly blob with the corresponding colour!
It’s precise and can be very time consuming (depending on what difficulty level you choose) but it is incredibly rewarding when you see your masterpiece coming together!

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paint by numbers