Superhero Activities

Superhero activities : Perfect for a rainy day

This is a list of superhero activities including costumes, games, activity sheets, colouring pages, crafts and so much more.
Everyone has a favourite, no? You will find something for everyone here!

First things first, you need to create your own hero. Fill in this sheet describing them and their powers then design a super outfit.

superhero activities
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superhero activities
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Draw a comic book starring your very own superero!
There are some great comic strip templates here.

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Make a mask. Check out our Superhero Pinterest board for great crafting ideas or printables!

Do a tv interview.
Get dressed up.
Imagine you have just saved the town from giant lizards, or an evil genius.
Act as a journalist and ask the superhero questions about their conquest.
Film it on your phone or a camera.

This is quite possibly my favourite of the superhero activities.
Get dressed up and take some super photos!
These are so fun.
Get dressed up in your super outfits.
Lay a blue bed sheet or table cloth on the floor to make the sky back ground.
Make buildings by painting cereal boxes for a 3D effect of simply paint building designs on paper.
Have the kids lay down in a ‘super’ flying pose.
Stand on a chair so that you can take the photo from a birds eye view!

superhero activities
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superhero activities