Fussy Eaters

fussy eaters

Today I would like to tackle the insanely frustrating issue that is…fussy eaters

You’ve cooked a delicious, balanced meal for your little one only for them to turn their nose up at it or push it away.
I get it, it can leave you tearing your hair out.
But what can you do? Tell them that this is their only option and leave them hungry? Or give in and end up serving them plain pasta every night?

Having fussy eaters can be a real struggle.

Recently I stumbled across an Instagram account called The Family Nutritionist. It’s run by a dietitian mum who is aiming to help parents feed their fussy eaters with some meal time tips and tricks to entice the kids to try new foods and make meal times less stressful.

fussy eaters

The idea is to make trying the new foods more inviting. This can be done is several ways

  • Always put something on the plate that you know they like. Offer a very small portion of a new food.
  • Present the food in a new way. Use cookie cutters to make veg into fun shapes.
  • Invite the kids to touch and play with the new foods. ‘Can you put the raspberries on your fingers like little hats?’
  • Instead of asking them to try the food, redirect them ‘can you count how many pasta pieces there are?’ ‘can you dip these carrots’
  • Introduce a new utensil like a food pick. Just be vigilant that they don’t hurt themselves!

She emphasises that this is a whole process, you can’t just expect change overnight. You need to practice consistency and definitely have some patience.
Remember that every kid and family is different, just because one strategy works for your friend’s children, or even with your eldest child, does not mean that it will be the best option for your little one.

Have a look at some of our favourite recipes here. Getting the kids involved in the preparation is a good way to encourage them to try what they’ve made!

fussy eaters