Fête des Mères – Mother’s Day

mothers day

Mother’s Day (Fête des Mères) is fast approaching.
It is this Sunday, the 7th of June.
Have your little ones prepared something to show their appreciation of mum?

I think every mum needs a little extra love this Mother’s Day. Afterall, they spent almost 3 months in lockdown with the kiddos and had to be a mother, teacher, cleaner, cook and all of this whilst many had to try and work their day job at the same time.
Mums are heroes.

Here is a simple mother’s day craft that is sure to bring a smile to her face.
Ask the kids what they love about their mum, write their answers on little slips of paper and pop them inside a glass jar.
Why not pop in some of your favourite memories together?
You can pick up a jar at monoprix or hema.
Don’t forget to decorate the outside with a pretty label or use Sharpies to draw your design directly on the glass.

mothers day
Idea from : https://kristineinbetween.com/love-jar/ Kristine actually used this idea as a Valentine’s craft but I like it for mother’s day!

Don’t forget to do a handmade card.
Most mums appreciate a little hand made card so much more than a shop bought one.
It’s something personal and special that she can keep!
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mother's day