Cat Café

cat café

Did you know that there is a cat café in Paris?

No? Me either, but it looks great!
What an awesome place to take the kids for afternoon gouter!

According to the site there are currently 14 cats living in the café.
All of these felines have been adopted from animal sanctuaries. They were chosen because of their friendly characters, sociable personalities and willingness to interact with both humans and other cats.

Sit and have a coffee, snack or even a full meal whilst you are surrounded by furry friends!

The kids will love being surrounded by the cats, spotting their little hiding places, or playing with them! (The café provide some toys)

cat cafe

This is their home, therefore the cats are free to roam about 24/7, the only place they are not allowed is the kitchen!
The cats are able to retreat at any time they feel overwhelmed by the attention, there are many high up spaces for the cats (out of reach for humans) that satisfy their need for independence and calm.

The cat café has some great reviews from users on tripadvisor :

“The interior was quaint and vintage, like an old professor’s library.”
“Our server was friendly, spoke great English and the cats were delightful.”
“The cats were docile and sweet. Obviously well cared for by kind people.”

Practical info

The cat café have a few rules you must agree to :

– Never wake a sleeping cat.
– Do not feed the cats. The cats are provided a balanced diet already!
– Never force the cats to give you cuddles or stay on your lap. Respect their freedom.
– Children under 12 must be supervised at all times.

The cat café can be found at 9 Rue Sedaine in Paris 11th. 
It is super close to Bastille metro station.
It is open Tuesday – Sunday from midday until 22h30.
You can’t reserve a table in advance, just turn up and the staff will get you seated as quickly as possible.

Due to the Covid19 masks are mandatory!

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cat cafe