Mess Free Painting

mess free painting

Yes, you read that correctly. Mess free painting!

Whenever I would get the paint out with the kids, it would be a massive commitment.
Have the kids got on old clothes? Where is their apron?
Do I have enough old newspaper to cover the table?
Uh oh, they are splattering the paint everywhere!
No! No! Avoid the walls!
Not the carpet!

Honestly, I was on overdrive the entire time trying to ensure nothing got stained, which meant I struggled to relax and just enjoy the craft time with the kids.
But, I found a solution!
Mess free painting! All you need is to think out of the box a bit!

mess free painting

Mess free painting is a super easy way to entertain your little one.

This first idea is from Happy Toddler Playtime.
You can use colourful card or a chalkboard as your canvas. Just stick it to the floor so it doesn’t move around.
Use different tools to encourage creativity such as cotton wool balls, cotton buds, paintbrushes, sponges.
Lay out a selection along with a bowl of water.
Show the kids how to dip the tools in the water and dab them onto the canvas and then leave them to it!

Make bath time much for fun with this simple, 3 ingredient paint.

Don’t worry, it easily washes off! This awesome idea is from The Simple Parent.
All you need is some cornstarch, food colouring and kid friendly body soap…just in case they decide to paint themselves too!
As a rule of thumb use twice as much body wash and you do cornstarch (2 parts body wash to 1 part cornstarch). Give it a good old mix together and then separate into smaller containers, an ice cube tray works really well here too.
Then add a drop of food colouring and let the kids have at it.
This is sure to get the kids excited about bath time!
It is also a great way to help the kids learn ho to be independent at bath time. Using the paint on their body, they will be able to see exactly which bits are clean and which bits are left!
bath paint

Lastly, I have an idea from Messy Little Monsters .
You will need a freezer bag that closes, paint, card cut to the same size as the bag.
Squeeze some point into blobs on your card.
Carefully place it inside the bag and seal it up.
Let the kids squish the paint and draw with their fingers!
When they are done, remove the card from the bag and leave it to dry.
Then decide what you want to do with it. I love their idea of cutting a shape and turning them into beautiful hand made cards!

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mess free painting