Ice Lolly Recipe

What child isn’t their absolute happiest when they have a sticky ice lolly in their hand and dripping all over them?
It is the middle of Summer and it is HOT.

Keep an eye on your little ones and be sure to keep an eye out for signs of dehydration.

– dry lips or tongue
– urinating less frequently than usual
– urine is a dark colour
– lethargy
– irritability or drowsiness

It should be easy to combat…get them to drink water often.
But, kids being kids, I know this can be tricky sometimes as they are so busy running around and having a good time to take a moment and drink their water!

So I have a little trick to get it in them 😉

This is a super simple, 4 ingredient recipe for a deliciously fruity, hydrating ice lolly.

You will need

60ml of water
40g caster sugar (you could also use agave syrup if you prefer)
150g strawberries (cut into pieces)
125g raspberries
The juice of 2 oranges
Ice lolly mould
Popsicle sticks

How to

Dissolve the sugar (or syrup) in the water over the stove.
Give the fruit a good old mix in the blender until they are pureed.
Seive them to get out all of the lumps.
Mix the berry mix in with the water and juice.
Pour the mixture into ice lolly moukds.
Pop in the stick and put everything in the freezer to set!

You could also try using 250g berries, a cup of natural yoghurt and a little bit of honey.
Whack everything in the blender. Pour into the moulds and set in the freezer.

Fancy something a little different?
Have a look at this post and pick from one of 10 delicious, home made ice lolly recipes. Honestly they all look great!

Did anyone have this book growing up?
Pretty sure I had this exact one (which is available on Amazon by the way)
I got the idea for giving you an ice lolly recipe from in here…they have instructions on how to make the traffic light ice lollies!
It has step by step instructions which are aimed at a younger audience so super easy to complete.
There are even photos to accompany each step so that the kids get comfortable in the kitchen and are excited about creating delicious food that is also good for you!

children's cook book

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ice lolly recipe