Halloween activity ideas

halloween activity ideas
Here are my top 10 halloween activity ideas!
Because, I know it doesn’t feel like it, but it’s the run up to halloween!

1 . Create a creepy (but healthy) halloween snack. 
These look absolutely fantastic and they are simple enough for the kids to make themselves.
All you need are sliced red apple, with the skin washed and left on.
Peanut butter.
Mini marshmellow teeth.

halloween activity ideas
Image from : https://www.survivingateacherssalary.com/kids-fun-teeth-mouth-snack-great-for-halloween-too/

2. Print a game for the kiddos. 
It could be a Halloween I Spy like this one, maybe a word search or a cross word!
Check out our ‘Halloween activity ideas’ pinterest board for free printables.
halloween activity ideas

3. Make a costume. 
Do you want to be a superhero? A clown? A ghost? A ninja?
See who can come up with the best costume idea!
Design it, draw it, make it!
Don’t have the resources for a full costume? Just make a mask!

4. Keep it traditional with some pumpkin carving. 
This wouldn’t be much of a Halloween activity ideas list without including pumpkin carving now would it?!
We actually made a post last year with our top tips for pumpkin carving with some ideas for pumpkin decoration incase you weren’t keen on the mess or your little ones are too small for traditional carving.
halloween activity ideas

5. Tell a scary story. 
Make a blanket fort, sit inside and make up a scary story.
You could also pop to the library and pick up a halloween themed book.
Or search on youtube for read aloud stories like this one!
Tip : Make sure you watch / read the story first to make sure it is age appropriate and not too scary for your kiddos.

6. Make a work of art. 
These bat silhouettes are just beautiful. Easy to make, even with the smallest of kids.
Get the full ‘how to’ from EasyPeasyAndFun
halloween activity ideas

7. Trick or treating is off the table this year, so create a halloween themed scavenger hunt!
Hide sweets around the house and give the kids clues to direct them to their treats!
– We dress up in fun costumes to celebrate halloween, your next treat is found where your clothes go to get clean!
– Whilst you may be up and walking around, go to the place where you go to lay down!

8. Watch a monster movie!
Monsters Inc. is a great one.
I also really like Hocus Pocus, it’s a classic…to watch with older children.

9. Race to become a mummy.
I used to play this with my brother and friends at halloween parties.
One person stands very still. The other is equiped with a roll of toilet paper.
You have one minute to transform your model into a mummy!
At the end of the minute, the most well wrapped mummy is the winner!

halloween activity ideas
Image from : https://www.giftofcuriosity.com/toilet-paper-mummies-activity

10. Forget Egg and Spoon races. 
What about Eyeball and Spoon races?
Get yourself a pingpong ball, paint it like an eyeball.
Have a traditional race or take it up a notch and use household items to create a fun obstacle course.
Have the kids crawl under a chair tunnel, jump over their chair, throw toys into their toybox or attempt to complete a maze constructed of string / toilet paper…all whilst balancing their eyeball on a spoon!

And there you have it, my top 10 halloween activity ideas.
Have a spooky day!

halloween activity ideas