5 child friendly activities in Paris

Alright friends, it’s the school holidays.
Is it just me or did they come around quickly this year?

We’ve all spent far too much time stuck at home this year.
So let’s make the most of these holidays.
Get out and about.
Explore the city.

Here are my top 5 child friendly activities in Paris for these school holidays!

  1. The Zoo 
    During these school holidays, Paris Zoo is introducing us to a world of wonder and mystery. Discover the history and stories of fantastical animals such as Werewolves and Mermaids.
    Find out about the unusual species of animals that inspired these creatures!
    Or just wander around and look at your favourite animals.
    child friendly activities paris
  2. Catacombes
    It’s almost Halloween…so, where better to visit than the catacombes of Paris?
    This labyrinth under the city is not one to be missed (advised age rating of 10 years plus)
    Yes it is a bit creepy, but it’s also really interesting.
    child friendly activities paris
  3. La tete dans les nuages
    La tete dans les nuages is an amusement arcade.
    This is a brilliant way to keep the kids entertained and you will be their favourite person for the rest of the week!
    It’s super fun and there are games for everyone!
    child friendly activities paris
  4. Roller blading
    Espace Glisse is a covered skate park with a schedule that dedicates specific times for roller blading, scootering and skate boarding.
    Helmets and knee pads available on site!
    Get your protective gear on and give it a go. 
    child friendly activities in paris
    5. Hot air balloon ride
    Have a picnic at parc andré-citron then hop into the hot air balloon and hover at 150 metres above ground!
    Don’t worry, you are tethered at all times 😉
    This is an incredible way to see the city from a bird’s eye view!
    child friendly activities in paris

These aren’t enough for you?
Not to worry, you’ll find plenty more child friendly activities in Paris over here! 

Note : Due to Covid, many of these activities are limiting places. Please reserve your tickets online and check the regulations put in place by each activity.

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