Top 5 Autumn Activities

Right, lock down 2.0 it is.
Let’s look on the bright side though…the kids are still able to go to school HURRAH!

Today I am sharing my top 5, wonderfully creative Autumn activities.

Make the most out of the walk home from school!

1. DIY Bird feeders

During the lock down in Spring, I wanted to encourage the birds to come to my window so I had something pretty to look at.
I found this easy, 3 ingredient recipe for a bird feeder!
Making a bird feeder is a nice activity to do with the children and then you can see what species of birds visit your balcony or terrace!
Visit the post for the ‘how to’

autumn activities

2. Scavenger hunt

This is in my top autumn activities for several reasons
– Scavenger hunts are awesome because they can be adapted for all ages and themes. (As you can see here)
– You can do it whilst walking home from school…not breaking any lock down rules
– It encourages the children to run around searching for things and burn off a bit of energy en route
– Great for autumn vocab
– The items you find can be used for arts and crafts!

3. Autumn Crafts

I love a good craft.
Especially a craft that uses twigs, leaves and other materials to make it a bit more interesting.
Check out our Pinterest board dedicated to Autumn Activities.
There are a wealth of beautiful ideas for all skill levels 😉

autumn activities

4. Conkers

Did you know that the game of conkers has official rules?
Do you remember collecting conkers and playing this when you were younger? It was ace!
Basically, drill a hole in your conker. Thread a string through. Take turns in hitting your conkers together. Strongest conker wins.
Although, please be careful! I remember when I was at school and conkers got banned from the playground because kids were swinging them around and getting hit.

autumn activities
Image : Getty Images

5. Nature Walk

autumn activities autumn activities

Print off a ‘nature walk’ worksheet to complete on the way home.
It will encourage the children to pay attention to the world around them!

You’ll find some other great writing prompts on our Pinterest Board such as
– Acrostic poem
– Autumn senses
– Autumn poem sensory poem template

autumn activities