5 tips to get through lock down

tips to get through lock down

We are facing another another month without schooling.
Another month of the children being at home…bored and restless.

Here is a round up of my top 5 tips to get through lock down.

  1. Create a schedule

    It seems like such a simple thing but structuring the day is going to be massively important.
    Children thrive on structure and routine.
    Write up a daily schedule and stick it on the fridge.
    For you, just having the day broken up into manageable chunks is going to make it less overwhelming.
    For the children, it will let them know what to expect from the day.
    When creating your schedule, ensure there is a set time for school work (break it up into several half an hour slots throughout the day if necessary…your children will be much more likely to concentrate in small doses and much less likely to cause a fuss than if you tell them it’s time to sit and work for 1.5 hours!).
    Schedule in time for free play or an activity of their choosing, quiet time to read, getting outside etc.
    Read my full post on creating lock down planning here.

  2. Make learning fun

    Getting the children to sit down and do school work can be the ultimate battle of wills.
    Older children will be doing online learning and will have a lot more structure and activities provided to them by their teachers.
    For younger children, check out MrsMactivity for an absolute wealth of ‘learning made fun’ printable activity sheets.
    Here you can also find some more great educational websites and apps that allows the children their much craved screen time but also has them learning at the same time.

  3. Get creative at home!

    Themed activities are the way to go. They may actually be my personal top tips to get through lock down.
    There are so many different ways to go about a themed activity you can easily spread it out and make a whole day of each theme!
    This means the children will be occupied all day long and be having fun, without much forward planning and preparation required. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

  4. Get outside!

    We are fortunate to be allowed out for exercise, so one of my tips to get through lock down is absolutely to get outside with the children.
    Even if it is just for half an hour a day. The fresh air and change of scenery will save your sanity.
    Here are some ideas of activities to do around the city.
    – Download the FlashInvaders app and get snapping!
    – Get your roller skates or scooter and go for a ride.
    – Make boats out of different materials at home, then take them to Jardin du Luxembourg and have a race.
    – Take sketchbooks and paints to the local park and paint what you see.
    – Go on a scavenger hunt
    – Give the children a digital camera or one of those cheap wind up cameras and let them get snap happy on a walk!

  5. Burn some energy at home

    Sporting activities have been cancelled so keep the children active and burning some energy off at home.
    In this post you will find some great youtube tutorials and follow along classes.
    Think yoga, hip hop, gymnastics, ballet or even martial arts. Honestly, there are so many videos on youtube specifically for children to follow along to…you could do a different activity every day and never get bored!

So there you have it, my top 5 tips to get through lock down.

I hope this has been helpful, has given you some ideas to entertain the children and eases your lock down stress!

tips to get through lock down