A Day in the Life of an English Nanny in Paris

A Day in the Life of an English Nanny in Paris

Imagine the chance to live and work in the most cosmopolitan, chic and romantic city in the world. Of course, I could only be talking about Paris.

Start the day by indulging on the world’s most delicious, buttery croissants or freshly baked baguette from the quaint ‘boulangerie’ on the corner.

Take a stroll on your way to work and soak up the breathtaking backdrop that is the historical and cultural centre of France with its stunning architecture, cultural diversity and rich history.

There is nothing more rewarding than teaching..and what a place to do it!

As an English nanny in Paris, almost any activity could be made educational, so you can combine exploring the city whilst practicing English with the children. Visit some of the most prominent museums (most offer tours targeted at children), explore and learn about the famous sites, or simply relax whilst reading a book and having a picnic on the Champs de Mars with the Eiffel Tower as your view.

It’s sure you will find something to keep you and the little ones in your care entertained in this beautiful city.

Why not take a French language class in your free time? It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and meet other expats!

Class is over; you’ve brushed up on your grammar, vocabulary and communication skills. What next?

After such a busy day with the children and becoming a linguistic genius you’ll be hungry.

There is nothing classier than a wine and cheese evening with your new friends.

Don’t forget to head out in the evening too. A certain magic is spread over the city as the architectures get lit up and the monuments tell the story of a 2000 year old capital.

This could be your daily routine. Becoming a nanny in Paris is an incredible opportunity to combine work and travel.

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