DIY Bird Feeder

I know this isn’t the typical time of year to be making a bird feeder but, being stuck at home, I’ve been a spending a significant amount of time looking longingly out of the window.
It’s springtime and I am LOVING hearing the birds singing!
I have seen all sorts, not just Pigeons and Magpies, but a lot of cute little birds!

I want to encourage the colourful little critters to come and hang out so decided to make a bird feeder.

Why don’t you do the same?
Making a bird feeder is a nice activity to do with the children and then you can see what species of birds visit your balcony or terrace!

I found this 3 ingredient recipe on a website called Messy Little Monster. 
They have some great follow up activities too so be sure to check their post out!

bird feeder

You will need
– Bird seed mix
– Gelatine
– Boiling water

– Mixing bowl and spoon
– Cookie cutters (any shape and size you like)
– Foil covered tray
– Ribbon or string

Collect up all of the ingredients. You will need roughly equal parts water to bird seed!
Pour the boiling water into your mixing bowl.
Mix 2 sachets of gelatine into the hot water until it has dissolved.
Stir in small amounts of bird seed at a time. It is important that the seeds are completely covered in the mix so that they stick together!
Use cookie cutters as moulds for your bird feeder. Place the cookie cutter on your foiled tray and spoon the bird seed mixture inside. Squish it so that it is tightly packed.
Push a straw (I cut a straw into 5 pieces) into the mixture and leave it there. This will create the hole you will use to hang up the feeders.
Leave the feeders to dry overnight.
Push gently to remove the feeders from the moulds.
Thread string or ribbon through the hole.
Hang from your balcony and watch!

More activity ideas here!

diy bird feeder