fussy eaters

Fussy Eaters

Today I would like to tackle the insanely frustrating issue that is fussy eaters. You’ve cooked a delicious, balanced meal for your little one only for them to turn their… Click here to read more.

Doctor Seuss

Doctor Seuss is an absolutely masterful children’s writer. He has a massive list of books so I thought I would recommend a few options for each age category! If you… Click here to read more.


It’s Monday morning, the sun is out, we are allowed outside again. Could it get any better? ABSOLUTELY. Madeleines make even a great day even better! This recipe from Urban… Click here to read more.

cheese puff recipe

Cheese Puffs

Savoury Cheese Puffs This cheese puff recipe from Childhood 101 is simple enough for the kids to make with minimal assistance. It’s crunchy, cheesy goodness. Perfect for apero or snack… Click here to read more.

Superhero Activities

This is a list of superhero activities including costumes, games, activity sheets, colouring pages, crafts and so much more. Everyone has a favourite, no? You will find something for everyone… Click here to read more.

Baked Banana Dessert

Bananas and chocolate go together like salt goes with pepper, like peanut butter goes with jam, like milk goes with cookies. Baked banana is a simple, sweet treat that will… Click here to read more.

Homemade Bath bomb

Make bath time more fun with a homemade bath bomb! Colourful, bubbly water is definitely a way to make bath time a little more interesting and what’s more, making your… Click here to read more.


Ratatouille Recipe Get the kids involved in the kitchen with this simple, yet delicious dish. Ratatouille is a great dish. Packed full of veg and nutrients, it is Mediterranean goodness…. Click here to read more.

ninja activities

Ninja Themed Day

Keep the kids busy and active the whole day with our Ninja Themed Day! Let’s be real, what child does not love ninjas? Use these ideas to create a ‘ninja… Click here to read more.

Sweet Potato Croquettes

Sweet potato, lentil and carrot croquettes In the February holidays I visited Spain, if you’ve ever been to Spain you must have tasted their amazing tapas dishes. My favourite dish… Click here to read more.