Create you own Shadow Puppet Theatre

Today I am bringing you a whole day, week, month worth of fun in the form of……..Shadow puppet theatre!

shadow pupper theatre

Create your own shadow puppet theatre and re-enact your favourite stories!

This is a great method to get the kids to practice their storytelling skills, their vocab and it is just super fun. There are so many steps involved in building your own shadow puppet theatre that it will keep you entertained for hours!

Why not create your own characters and make up your own show? Or use characters from different books and introduce them to each other? Introduce Mr Tickle from the Mr Men series to The Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood and see what happens…
Let your imaginations run wild!

You will need
white A4 paper
black card
wooden skewers or lollipop sticks
cereal box
glue stick

  • Decide which book you would like to re-enact in your theatre. For this example they are using the Gruffalo. Google Gruffalo colouring sheets. Print (you may need to resize to 50% 25%) and stick on to the black card. It may be worth printing duplicates and saving them for future colouring, painting, sticking activities.
  • Cut out each picture and stick in onto your wooden skewer or lollipop stick
  • Carefully take apart the cereal box until it lies flat. On the biggest rectangles, measure about 1.5cm all the way around and the edges and cut out.
  • Tape the box back together but inside out. So the outside, colourful sides are on the inside.
  • Trim a piece of white paper to fit inside the box. This will be your background. If you would like to add scenery (trees for a forest scene, buildings for a city scene) cut these shapes from black card and stick on.
  • Cut a slit at the bottom of your box for your puppets to fit through. At this point you can jazz up the front of your cereal box to look more like a real theatre if you like.
  • Tip : Cellotape your cereal box theatre to the table to make it more stable
  • Set up a lamp behind the theatre on a stool at roughly the same height as the theatre (be careful of hot bulbs around the kids though!)
  • And there you go! You are set up and ready to act!


This is a personal favourite activity of mine and it is brought to you by (she cited seedling and tweetdesign in her original post for helping with ideas)