Scavenger Hunt

The weather is miserable.
The strikes are keeping us stuck at home.
What can we do to keep the kiddos entertained?


This is a great game that can be adapted to suit all ages. Here’s how!

For the younger ones give them pictures of things they need to find around the house.
They will love running around trying to find everything. Set a timer and see how quickly they can find all of the items!

toddler scavenger hunt

Or get them to practice their colour matching by preparing a scavenger hunt similar to this one…

How about instead of collecting all of the items the children have to use a digital camera and snap a picture of each thing?
Saves tidy up and most kids love an excuse to play with the camera!

Still too easy? Use clues to get their brains working.
I love this type of Scavenger Hunt, you can be super creative, making it last for ages. It does require a bit of prep though!
It gets the children excited about finding a ‘prize’ at the end.
The prize could be anything..a sweet, cinema tickets, a recipe for a cake, a toy or game etc.

What one is your favourite?
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