jellyfish craft

Jellyfish craft

I saw this jellyfish craft on Littlies Activities instagram page and absolutely fell in love. Then, I continued to scroll through Cat’s page and literally

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Reward Charts

Using reward charts as a form of positive reinforcement is a great way to nip certain behaviours in the bud and encourage others! They are

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Ice Lolly Recipe

What child isn’t their absolute happiest when they have a sticky ice lolly in their hand and dripping all over them? It is the middle

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mess free painting

Mess Free Painting

Yes, you read that correctly. Mess free painting! Whenever I would get the paint out with the kids, it would be a massive commitment. Have

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Jumping frog craft

I found this jumping frog craft whilst flicking through the kids magazine Astrapi. If you haven’t heard of Astrapi you are in for a treat.

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banana pancakes

Banana Pancakes

This banana pancakes recipe is absolutely delicious. I am a big believer of breakfast food being good at all times of day and banana pancakes

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pool safety alarm bracelet

Pool safety

Today I want to bring up the very important issue that is pool safety. Summer is here! Finally! A bit of sunshine, family fun time

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cat café

Cat Café

Did you know that there is a cat café in Paris? No? Me either, but it looks great! What an awesome place to take the

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