cat café

Cat Café

Did you know that there is a cat café in Paris? No? Me either, but it looks great! What an awesome place to take the kids for afternoon gouter! According… Click here to read more.

creative writing prompts

Creative writing prompts

Kids have amazing imaginations, right? Let’s encourage their brains to work by giving them some creative writing prompts to get them started! One of my favourite activities to do with… Click here to read more.

fussy eaters

Fussy Eaters

Today I would like to tackle the insanely frustrating issue that is fussy eaters. You’ve cooked a delicious, balanced meal for your little one only for them to turn their… Click here to read more.

Doctor Seuss

Doctor Seuss is an absolutely masterful children’s writer. He has a massive list of books so I thought I would recommend a few options for each age category! If you… Click here to read more.


It’s Monday morning, the sun is out, we are allowed outside again. Could it get any better? ABSOLUTELY. Madeleines make even a great day even better! This recipe from Urban… Click here to read more.