Mary Poppins

Today I am coming to you with another fabulous book to add to your reading collection!

Mary Poppins, written by P.L.Travers and illustrated by Lauren Child or Mary Poppins illustrated by Julia Sarda.

Mary PoppinsMary Poppins

After seeing the illustrated versions of Harry Potter and falling even more in love with the story because of the stunning pictures, I’ve been keeping my eye out for other childhood favourites that have decided to ‘update’ the original by getting talented artists on board to help bring the story to life.

Mary Poppins    mary poppins

If you don’t know the story line, where have you been?

When the Banks family of Cherry Tree Lane needs a new nanny to take care of their children — Jane, Michael, and twin babies John and Barbara — bossy Mary Poppins appears and “accepts” the position on her own terms. She’s a woman of few words, and insists on order and excellent manners and conduct, but she also leads the children in magical adventures, where they take tea on the ceiling, visit the North Pole, and watch stars get placed in the sky.’  –

Having been published in 1934, the book may have somewhat outdated ideas of gender roles and how children should be raised.
However, the story still manages to convey important life lessons through fun and magical ways.
Mary Poppins teaches the mischievous children to value the important things in life : family, friendship and imagination.

The book has been recommended for those aged 8+

Follow on from the book by watching the 1964 Disney movie based on the book.

This fantastical musical that will have you singing along (and humming the songs for days!).
Younger children will appreciated the movie as it is partially animated!
Parents recommend this movie for children aged 4 years +

It makes for a great family movie night!