Reward Charts

Using reward charts as a form of positive reinforcement is a great way to nip certain behaviours in the bud and encourage others! They are visually pleasing and allow the… Click here to read more.

pool safety alarm bracelet

Pool safety

Today I want to bring up the very important issue that is pool safety. Summer is here! Finally! A bit of sunshine, family fun time and relaxing by the pool…. Click here to read more.

creative writing prompts

Creative writing prompts

Kids have amazing imaginations, right? Let’s encourage their brains to work by giving them some creative writing prompts to get them started! One of my favourite activities to do with… Click here to read more.

fussy eaters

Fussy Eaters

Today I would like to tackle the insanely frustrating issue that is…fussy eaters You’ve cooked a delicious, balanced meal for your little one only for them to turn their nose… Click here to read more.

Spelling Practice

Getting the kids to practice spelling can be a struggle. Sometimes it’s a battle just to get them at the table. Why? Practicing spelling is boring. The ‘Read, Cover, Write’… Click here to read more.


I’m sure you have all heard of the Montessori Method. In this post I’m going to explain a little about what it is and how it could be beneficial during… Click here to read more.