Superhero Activities

This is a list of superhero activities including costumes, games, activity sheets, colouring pages, crafts and so much more. Everyone has a favourite, no? You will find something for everyone… Click here to read more.

Homemade Bath bomb

Make bath time more fun with a homemade bath bomb! Colourful, bubbly water is definitely a way to make bath time a little more interesting and what’s more, making your… Click here to read more.

ninja activities

Ninja Themed Day

Keep the kids busy and active the whole day with our Ninja Themed Day! Let’s be real, what child does not love ninjas? Use these ideas to create a ‘ninja… Click here to read more.

paint by numbers

Paint By Numbers

Recently my brother gave my mum a personalised paint by numbers kit. He uploaded an image of one of her favourite views to this website and they created a paint… Click here to read more.

DIY Bird Feeder

I know this isn’t the typical time of year to be making a bird feeder but, being stuck at home, I’ve been a spending a significant amount of time looking… Click here to read more.

Lego Challenge

Lego Challenge

Everyone has got some Lego laying around right? Are you getting a bit bored building the same thing everyday? Here is a 30 day lego challenge from Free Homeschool Deals… Click here to read more.

sock bunny

Sock Bunny

I’m in love with these sock bunny crafts from Feeling Nifty. Don’t worry, there is no sewing involved! They are simple, adorable and made with items you will have around… Click here to read more.