The Guinness Book of World Records 2020

Today our recommended reading comes in the form of : The Guinness Book of World Records 2020

Guinness Book of World Records 2020

Let’s be honest, who didn’t have one of these books growing up?

I would spend hours pouring over the weird and wacky records. I would constantly gasp or grimace at the bizarre things people were able to do.

This new edition is packed full of thousands of crazy world records to blow your mind.

It covers 11 chapters : Planet Earth, Animals, Humans, Sports, Recordology, Adventures, Society, Technology and Engineering, Arts and Media, plus a special Robot chapter!

It even has ‘definitely try this at home’ ideas so that your children can attempt to break their own world record!

The Guinness Book of World Records 2020 would make a great addition to your bookshelf!

Find it on Amazon (in English) here.

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Dare to be Different – Recommended Reading

dare to be different recommended reading children                          dare to be different recommended reading children

These books should be recommended reading for everyone, not just children!
They tell the stories of extraordinary men and women from the past and present.
Each biography is a page long and is accompanied by a beautiful illustration.
The short length makes them perfect for reading before bed.

The stories featured span many centuries, nations and religions.
They cover artists, inventors, writers, athletes, actors, explorers, scientists, politicians and more!
Children will surely be inspired by the fun, accessible way in which the stories are told.

I particularly liked that it was very easy to find a story that piqued each child’s interest, we would then create a sort of project around it.
First I would ask the children to read the biography (outloud or in their heads). We would have a discussion about what we read, this worked both as a test of comprehension and also to see their reaction to the biography and the facts mentioned.
Naturally, questions arose so we would research extra information and see if we could find a related TV show or documentary for example.

dare to be different children                        dare to be different children

Stories for boys who dare to be different is a compilation of 76 stories of famous and not so well known men from history.
The aim of this book is to challenge the typical idea of gender roles by showing that masculinity can mean many things.
Every one of the men in this book were strong, successful and achieved amazing things in their life time.

dare to be different children                    dare to be different children

Stories for rebel girls is an empowering book that tells the stories of 100 amazing women.
It is on our recommended reading list as it promotes equality for women and encourages young girls to see that women are a force to be reckoned with!
Each woman’s story is written in the form of a fairy tale but these girls definitely don’t need rescuing.
They are heroines in their own right.

Get creative and do an activity to encourage the kids to delve a little deeper into the life of the people in the books.

– Create a timeline of the person’s life
– Create a picture collage of their life and accomplishments
– Role play and film your very own talk show starring that person
– Write a short story and use puppets to act it out
– Design a comic strip about their life or achievements

Or plan an activity based on what you read.
For example if you read about an astronaught, do a space themed craft.
If you read about an artist, try to create your own work in their style.
A scientist? Find a related experiment to do at home.
A politician…create your own ‘running for president’ speech


Find Stories for boys and rebel girls on Amazon by following these links or at most major book retailers.

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The Magic School Bus

Hi everyone!

Today I am offering you a corker of a book series. The Magic School Bus.
Some of you might recognise it from your own childhood.

The Magic School Bus

Join quirky teacher, Ms. Frizzle, as she takes her class on amazing adventures in the magic school bus to impossible places. Each book covers a different science topic in a fun and imaginative way. The kids will discover a wide variety of things including, the human body, weather hazards, magnets, the planets, deep sea exploration and so so much more!

The book series has been turned into a cartoon available on Netflix. Sometimes we just need 20 child free minutes to get jobs done, pop on this educational series and get the kids learning without even realising it. Sneaky!

Click here to visit the scholastic website for a full list of the books, printable colouring pages and a wealth of science experiments for you to conduct at home with the children!

Their experiments answer questions such as
– What are seashells made of?
– What dinosaurs roamed in your back yard?
– How can you create an eruption of colour?

Personally, I quite like this Experiment : Honey-Comb Bones which answers the question Why are bones so strong???

You will need :

  • Empty cardboard cereal box
    • Ruler
    • Scissors
    • Tape or stapler


1) First, use the scissors to cut five 9-inch cardboard strips from the cereal box. The strips should be about 1 1/2 inches wide .

2) Then, fold one of the strips into a hexagon shape. That’s a shape with six equal sides. Leave a little bit of extra cardboard so that you can fasten the ends with tape or staples. Don’t fasten the ends yet .

3) Use the first cardboard strip to model the other strips, so that they are all the same size and shape.

4) Now fasten the strips so that you have five hexagon shapes.

5) Attach three hexagons together in a row. Put them together by fastening the flat sides face-to-face. The hexagons should look like a honey-comb.

6) Now, attach the other two hexagons on top of the row of three. Fasten all the sides that touch.

7) Stand the rows of hexagons upright. Press down on the hexagons. What do you notice?


A Scientific Explanation:

The human bone is made up of tiny hexagons like the ones you made. The six-sides of the hexagon help distribute, or spread, weight which make the bones very strong. The hollow center of the hexagon allows veins and nerves to run through the bone. The hexagon shape is so effective that the human thighbone is as strong as the concrete used to build skyscrapers!


Try this experiment again using round or square shapes. How are these shapes alike? How are they different? Which shape is the strongest to build from?