Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve Box

A Christmas Eve Box is a lovely tradition for the family.

Spend some quality time together and get you all in the Christmas spirit!

Christmas Eve Box

We didn’t do Christmas Eve Boxes growing up but it is definitely a tradition I would like to introduce right away.
I’ve had a browse on Pinterest (where else?!) and have compiled a list of the most common items found in these lovely little boxes.
We’ll go into more detail and give you our ideas for each item below!

  • Christmas movie
  • Christmas book
  • Popcorn
  • Hot chocolate
  • Fun christmas mug
  • Pyjamas
  • Reindeer food
  • Santa’s snack

Christmas Eve Boxes are not supposed to be difficult of expensive to create!

It is supposed to be easy to put together and filled with fun, inexpensive items that inspire Christmas joy and family time.
Skip items or use what you have around the house…it really doesn’t matter aslong as you have a wonderful Christmas Eve together!

Alright so first up you will need a shoe box. Wrap it in christmas paper.
You can make Christmas Eve Boxes for the kids, each individual member of the family or combine them and do a family box.

Pick a Christmas movie.
My personal faves are : Home Alone, Elf and The Grinch.
Country living have a great selection of family frriendly Christmas movies.
No time to get a DVD? Find a movie on Netflix and add a little home made cinema ticket to the box.

And of course, what is the point of watching a movie without any Popcorn?!?! Add a microwaveable sachet to your box.

Next up is a story for bedtime.
Real Simple have a great list of their top 20 holiday books.
Don’t want to buy a book? Pop to your local bibliotheque and pick one up!

Hot chocolate and a fun christmas mug for it to go in!
Because who doesn’t love a hot chocolate? It’s a treat.
So you could either go and buy a Christmas mug (the bazaar shops have them pretty cheap) or you can get your trusted Sharpie pen and design your own, personalised mug on a plain one you have in the cupboard! Here’s how.
If you’re feeling super creative, turn your hot choclate into a cute little Reindeers like these guys over at EveryDaySavvy.
Reindeer hot chocolate

Pyjamas. Pretty self explanatory.
Either pop in the cosiest pjs your little one has or (if you are anything like my mum, you always got new pyjamas and socks for christmas) make this an early Christmas present!

Last, but maybe the most important of all, a snack for Santa and for the Reindeer.
Christmas Eve Box
I love this from ETSY but as we are running a little short on time you could recreate this idea on a piece of card paper and tuck it into the Christmas Eve Box.
You could also just pop in a carrot and cookies with a little note to leave them out for santa.
OR you could make ‘cookies in a jar’ like these guys, and you’ll have a baking activity to keep you busy and your house smelling delicious this Christmas Eve!
(Personally, my favourite cookie recipe is white chocolate and cranberry…very festive! Click for the recipe)

Christmas Eve Box

christmas eve box