Earth Day

earth day craft

Earth day should be every day, no?

I think so.
I believe it is super important to educate our children about the world we live in and how to protect it.
So here is a little post to get you started and peak the kids interest.

Cuddles and Chaos

This site offers a fantastic list of books that will engage the kids and get them learning about the world. Read the descriptions and reviews of each book to pick one that you think your little one will enjoy the most!
A personal fav of mine is ‘The magic school bus and the climate challenge’. I LOVED this book series growing up.
Find out more about The magic school bus series here.

After reading your book, have a talk with the kids and explain what Earth day is and why it is important that we respect the world. Discuss the main topics of the book and encourage them to think about the little things they could do to make a difference. This could include recycling, donating old books, toys and clothes instead of throwing them away etc. See what they can come up with!

Make a day of it by picking a few of these activity sheets to fill in together.

Then get creative! I love this idea from NonToyGifts. It has a beautiful finished effect!

earth day craft

To create your own Earth Day art you will need – white card – masking tape – black marker – green and blue paint – little hands

Decide how big you want your earth to be and cut this size circle out of a piece of paper to use as a template.
You will need to keep the paper with the hole, not the circle disk.
NonToyGifts used sticky back plastic to do this but paper templates work just as well.
Place this paper with circle hole on your card and secure with masking tape.
Paint your kid’s hands and get them to print inside the template.
It’s okay to go over the edge.
Remove the template.
When dry, use a black marker to draw the outline of the earth. Voila!

earth day