Emily Rose: Founder

Hi! I’m Emily and I am the founder of Emily Rose Nannies.

Let me tell you a little bit about how I came to open the agency and why.
So, I’m British but left the UK in 2011 in search of a change of scenery and an adventure. This is when I stumbled upon AuPairing and subsequently Nannying.

I had never worked with children before but loved the idea of getting to travel and immerse myself in new cultures whilst doing a job I considered to be fun.
I found myself to be rather adept at this profession, so I spent the next 8 years travelling the world as an anglophone childcarer. I helped with the educational, social and emotional development of the children in my care but mainly just had a great time with them!

Over the years, I had a fair amount of free time so decided to expand my knowledge and become an expert in the childcare field by studying courses in Child Education, Child Psychology, Child Development and Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

I have indispensable insight into this market from both perspectives.

Having worked with kids for such a long time, having upended my life every 6 months or so to move to a new country, I have been in the shoes of a nanny. I know the struggles of relocating and not knowing where to begin, whether it be building a relationship with the kids, introducing English as a second language, settling into a routine or more personal things like having to make friends in a place where English is not the first language, or even not knowing how to set up a bank account.
I’ve been there, I’ve done it.

Some of my positions were found through recruitment agencies and, I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t always blown away by the experience.
Often, I wasn’t offered a great deal of support either before or after the placement was made.
I felt as though I was being sent any and all positions available rather than the agency taking the time to really understand what would be the best option.

I moved to Paris in 2016 and it became apparent that this was the city for me. It was time to settle and put down some roots.

I began to consider opening my own nanny recruitment agency.

This is when I came up with the concept of Emily Rose Nannies.
Why not utilise my knowledge of the industry and my past experiences to try to help others in similar situations?
I have so much experience in the childcare field, it seemed like the logical next step for my career.

Emily Rose Nannies is an agency designed with the individual needs of both the family and candidate at the forefront of the service.

Take a look at the process Emily Rose Nannies follow to find the perfect nanny for your little ones. 

For parents, I will take the time to have an in depth conversation with you to find out your requirements and the type of candidate that is best suited for your family and your little ones.

For nannies, we will talk about your teaching style, your approach, your experience and any challenges you have faced in the past.
This will allow me to really get to know you so the best possible match can be found.

I also trained as a therapist which built on my natural ability to form relationships, connect and understand people. This skill is invaluable in the matching process as it will help me to assess exactly what you need.
This is turn leads to offering the best solution for you and then finding the perfect match based on personality and values.

Get in touch and let’s work together!

“My background in therapy and my many years working in private households mean that I know how to effectively communicate with both parents and nannies. I want to help both the nannies and the children to get the most out of their time together. I am passionate about the nanny industry and I would like to use my knowledge to have a positive impact on nanny / family relationships.”