Emily Rose: Founder

Emily is British but left the UK in 2011 in search of an adventure. She stumbled across AuPairing and subsequently Nannying. Finding herself to be rather adept at this profession, she travelled the world as an anglophone childcarer. She aided with the educational, social and emotional development of the children in her care.

Emily’s many years working as a nanny and being in contact with various agencies has given her indispensable insight into this market from both perspectives.

These personal experiences prompted her to launch Emily Rose Nannies. She designed the agency with the individual needs of both the family and candidate at the forefront of the service.

Over the years, Emily has expanded her knowledge by studying courses in Child Education, Child Psychology, Child Development and Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Emily also trained as a therapist which built on her natural ability to form relationships, connect and understand people. This skill is invaluable in the matching process. She utilises her skills to assess individual needs of the family and find a perfect match based on personality and values.

“My background in therapy and my many years working in private households mean that I know how to effectively communicate with both parents and nannies. I want to help both the nannies and the children to get the most out of their time together. I am passionate about the nanny industry and I would like to use my knowledge to have a positive impact on nanny / family relationships.”