Entertaining a baby – Top 10 activities

entertaining a baby

Entertaining a baby at home all day can be tough.

Where do you begin?
If you are a little unsure, you aren’t alone.

I was so used to being around toddlers that when I had to spend a day with a baby I was a bit at a loss of things to do.
How do you go about entertaining a baby?
They can’t communicate, can’t walk, can’t take part in most activities and can’t do much of anything really.
I felt a bit unsure of how to be engaging with her.

So, I got to googling and came across this great post by The Mummy Bubble.

There are loads of ways to create a stimulating environment for a baby and here are some of my favourites!

1. Tummy time.
A little bit of tummy time each day is really important for development. Encourage the baby to reach out by offering toys or dangling something in front of them! When they get a little stronger you could do some mess free painting with them.  Yes this is a real thing so get creative!

2. Dancing.
Put on your favourite play list and have a boogie! Why? Because kids love music.
You could also introduce nursery rhymes but whilst they are this small save your sanity and listen to what you like (there will be plenty of time to listen to their favourite songs in the future…on repeat..every day)

3. Talking.
Continuously talk to the baby. Read books out loud. Narrate what you are doing.
It’s never too early to start introducing the kids the vocabulary!

4. Create a sensory box. Fill it with items that vary in size, weight and texture!
Just pay attention as everything will probably end up in their mouth at some point!

5. Make some noise.
Screw up some newspaper or a clean (empty) crisp packet and let the baby play around making it rustle.
Actually anything that makes noise when they touch it or shake it is a good option!

6. Finger puppets!

7. Play peek a boo.
Either you can disappear behind a cloth or you can do the same with their favourite toys!

8. Blow some bubbles and see if the baby can follow them as they float around the room.

9. Change the scenery.
Go outside and have a picnic. Go for a walk.

10. Yoga.
Get on youtube and find a nice mum & baby yoga class to follow.
Or, just play around by gently wiggling and stretching your baby’s arms and legs.

And finally, entertaining a baby doesn’t have to be full on all the time.

Don’t feel guilty about sitting on the sofa and just having a cuddle. Put on some Netflix and just enjoy the time whilst they are small. Babies need to feel safe, secure and loved…how better to do this than by giving all the cuddles possible?!?!

entertaining a baby