Jumping frog craft

I found this jumping frog craft whilst flicking through the kids magazine Astrapi.
If you haven’t heard of Astrapi you are in for a treat. Here is their website…they have so many great ideas to keep the kids entertained and happy

Anyway. Back to the craft.
I remember my mum helping me to make a jumping frog craft when I was a kid and I had loads of fun with it.
Not only will making it be fun but then the kids will crack up seeing it bounce out of control.
Why not make 2 and see whose frog can jump the highest?

You will need

2 paper cups
2 elastic bands (cut to make one ling stretchy string)
Colourful paper
Black felt tip

What to do

Paint one of your cups blue and the other one green.
When they are dry, cut the edges of the green cup like shown in the picture.

frog craft
Get your elastic band and stretch it through the slots that are opposite each other.
Tie a knot in each side so that it is nice and taut. (Thank goodness for pictures ey, my description is shockingly bad)
frog craft
Cut out arms, legs, eyes and a mouth from your colourful paper.
Stick them onto your green cup to make it look like a frog.
Use a pen to add any extra details.
frog craft
Right, that’s it!
Your frog is ready!
Turn your blue cup (like a pond if you hadn’t guessed) upside down.
Gently press your frog on top.
Release and see him bounce!
frog craft

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jumping frog craft