Homemade Musical Instruments

homemade musical instrument

You’re either going to love the musical instruments crafts in this post OR the idea of giving the kids something to make them even noisier will make you want to throw the computer across the room.

Let’s be real. Children love making noise and music brings joy .

Here are some of my favourite Homemade Musical Instruments!

Bottle Top Castanets

Easy, quick and customisable from Red Ted Art.


This harmonica made of different length straws is a great idea from Learning Lift Off.
Blowing into the straws mimics the sound of a real harmonica.

Rainbow Xylophone

I love this home made xylophone from Teach Beside Me.
They lined up seven glasses, filled them with different amounts of water and added a few drops of food colouring to give the line up that fun, rainbow look. Use a spoon or a chopstick to tap the side of the glasses and make make some music!
Adjust the levels of water to alter the tone, see if you can recreate some of your favourite tunes!
homemade musical instrument

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