Jellyfish craft

jellyfish craft

I saw this jellyfish craft on Littlies Activities instagram page and absolutely fell in love.

Then, I continued to scroll through Cat’s page and literally ALL of her crafts are beautiful and colourful and definitely being favourited.
She is brilliant and you should definitely give her a follow.

I also love that she made these with her elder child and said this ‘We have these hanging high in the living room and they are providing lots of fun for E (younger child) – each time I hold her near them she has a lovely time batting and grabbing and watching the tentacles wave in response.’
How great is that?!

So, let’s get to it.

Here’s how to make the best jellyfish craft.

Paint the muffin cases and leave them to dry.
You can use Littlies Activities method of painting the cases with water and dripping liquid water colours on top.
Or use whatever materials you have at hand
– drip food colouring
– paint with watercolour or regular paint
– try out marble painting

Now create the tentacles.
– Paint paper towel with water colours and cut into strips
– Cut up different coloured crepe paper
– Why not use a micture of different materials? Use up that odd colourful string laying around.

Cut circles of carboard to fit on the inside base of the muffin cases.
Stick the tentacles to the cardboard and then the cardboard to the muffin case.
Finish them off with some googly eyes.

And there you have it, your very own beautiful, floaty jellyfish craft!

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jellyfish craft