La Conteuse Merveilleuse – The Wonderful StoryTeller

La Conteuse Merveilleuse

La Conteuse Merveilleuse

Today I am recommended this product :

La Conteuse Merveilleuse – The Wonderful Story Teller

My nephew was recently gifted one for his 3rd birthday and I thought it was a brilliant idea!

What is it?

In essence La Conteuse Merveilleuse is a story cube designed for even the smallest of children.
It is designed to be accessible for them by, instead of having buttons, the operating method is inspired by reflex gestures such as touching, tapping and shaking!
Tap the box to wake it up!
The kids simply shake the cube to start a story picked at random.
They don’t want this one? Shake it to change.
Double tap to pause.
The most played or ‘favourite stories’ can be easily accessed by shaking a particular side up.
It’s that simple.


After setting up the story cube, you log into an online portal where you have access to the online bookstore.
You can find sweet stories for quiet time, nursery rhymes, tales from the past and many more pre recorded options.
The majority of stories available are in French, there are quite a few in English, some in Italian and a couple in German too. I received this note from a customer service advisor ‘We are still working with foreign editors to offer you some more. New stories every day!’

One of the best features in my opinion is the ‘Record a story’ function.
They haven’t got your little one’s favourite bed time story? Not a problem.
Parents, grandparents, big brothers and sisters, friends and family can record themselves and then upload their stories into the Storyteller! How awesome is that??

You can also upload music to the cube too…

Why do I like it?

Personally, I think La Conteuse Merveilleuse is great for several reasons.
1. You get some quiet time to get jobs done or relax whilst the kids are occupied with a story.
2. You don’t have to read their favourite book for the 127th time.
3. It encourages autonomy. Do your kids struggle at bedtime always asking for 1 more story to keep you there? Well, with the ‘record you own’ option, the children can have the comfort of mum or dad reading a story to them without you having to actually be in the room . This is a good step towards making bedtime shorter and easier.
4. There are many benefits to reading, you can read about them here…and this cube is a great way to encourage story time.

Unfortunately the promo video is only available in French but I will include it below anyway as it gives a good idea of the product.

The Wonderful Storyteller (La Conteuse Merveilleuse) can be purchased through one of their distributors, find a full list on their website here.


Follow their Facebook page for Family Storytelling Thursdays!
Live on their page every Thursday at 16h30 for half an hour one of their team tells a story, sings some nursery rhymes and sings songs.

la conteuse merveilleuse