Ninja Themed Day

ninja activities

Keep the kids busy and active the whole day with our Ninja Themed Day!
Let’s be real, what child does not love ninjas?
Use these ideas to create a ‘ninja training’ program!

Obstacle course

Use household items to create a fun obstacle course. Have them crawl under a chair tunnel, jump over their chair, throw toys into their toybox, egg and spoon race portion and attempt to complete a maze constructed of string / toilet paper!

obstacle course ninja activities
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Want to take it up a notch? Add some cooperation skills and team building to it by having one child blindfolded, the kids then need to work together to safely navigate the obstacle course!

Activity sheets

Calm it down a bit by giving the children some fun activity sheets to work on!
Check out this site for some great ninja printables. They have puzzles, writing activities and colouring pages. If you continue to scroll down past these options you will find some great craft ideas and also ninja themed books!

ninja activities
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Practice using chopsticks.

This could simply at lunchtime, get the kids to eat their food using chopsticks.
You could also hide toys in a bowl of rice and the kids must use chopsticks to retrieve them!

Craft origami flying stars

ninja craft
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Click here to find out how to make them! Follow along their photo instructions, create a target and get practicing!

Japanese themed lunch

Make your own Japanese themed lunch..because Japanese food is just divine.
– sushi (DIY fish and rice)
– bento (small portions rice and lots of different veggies)
– ramen (noodle soup)
– okonomiyaki (a kind of noodle pancake)
– miso soup
Don’t forget to pick a delicious dessert!

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