Ocean Illumination at Jardin des Plantes

Ocean illumination

Ocean illumination

The enchanting light show at Jardin des Plantes is back!

This year, their magical light statues are all focused around an Ocean theme.
This gorgeous installation is accompanied by an Oceans exhibition at the Natural History Museum. So why not make an afternoon of it?

The evening walk  begins with lanterns that represent animals that have been extinct for 65 million years and as you continue you will discover species that are currently endangered and threatened in the wild.  Strategically placed information is posted along the walk to give you more details.

The 50 lanterns are split into 4 sections along the walk –

Promenade on the tropical shore
Here you will discover animals that live along the beaches such as flamingos, pelicans and hermit crabs.

ocean illumination

Dive into hot waters
Visit the heart of the colourful coral reefs, learn about the importance of protecting the coral reefs and how this is a vital ecosystem!

ocean illumination

Mysterious Abyss
Explore the depths of the sea bed. See what strange animals lark down here in the dark.

oceans illumination

Swim in cold waters
Who exists in the icey Poles? Penguins and Polar bears of course! End the walk with a look into the playful lives of these adorable creatures.

ocean illumination


Don’t miss out!
The Ocean Illumination is running every evening from 6pm until 22h45 until January 19th   

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